Welcome to my website: if you are thinking about psychotherapy, you may want to take a few minutes reading about the way I work. My practice is based a few minutes walk from Finsbury Park, Islington. I see patients also in Crouch End, Haringey. You can find more information on the Practical Details page


Psychotherapy is structured with regular sessions, once or twice a week, usually for a period of several months or years. This allows the development of a therapeutic alliance which serves the purpose of exploring issues, thoughts and states which are perceived difficult, unbearable or not appropriate and to promote a lasting change. It will explore past relationships and the way they shape the actual ones.


Psychotherapy will work on developing a better knowledge of oneself and to free mental space. Psychotherapy is of help with issues like depression, anxiety, traumatic occurrences, bereavement and relationship’s difficulties.


You can look here at other types of psychotherapy: https://www.psychotherapy.org.uk/about-psychotherapy/types

Why  an intercultural psychotherapy?

With time and through personal interest and experiences, I developed a particular attention to work interculturally.


At the core of an intercultural approach there is the principle, theoretically grounded, that in order to work with a wider typology of patients, adjustments on the established theory and setting are necessary. Psychotherapy is called to take into account the culturally bounded differences on patients coming from a variety of backgrounds. Those differences do shape the expressions of the patient’s inner world and need to be recognized in order to establish a therapeutic relationship which is real, meaningful, deep and generates changes.


It is of particular interest to patients coming from non-Western backgrounds, people from minorities, often with very limited or no access to long term, open ended psychotherapy.

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